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specialized in the Information Technolgy field.

The Project Center for Information Technology – NPTEC, is a project, business and development center focused on the information technology within the State University of Ceará UECE) campus. UECE is now one of the largest public state universities in the Northeast , and ranks 1st in graduate courses , recognized by CAPES , among all public and private state universities in the North, Northeast and Midwest.

NPTEC works focused on innovation and scientific and technological development of information, through a continued qualification plan, availing and keeping its human talents, aiming the implementation of a self-sustaining model for the creation and generation of knowledge at the State University Ceará and committed to helping companies and public and private institutions in solving complex problems.

NPTEC Organization

Executive Team

NPTEC is equipped with the most modern technologies and the best professionals in the information technology area. The infrastructure consists of 90 last generation computers distributed in laboratories and offices of professors and researchers; Laser printers; multimedia projectors; sectoral library; fiber optic internet; LAN 100 Mbps and physical security.

For each customer, we are committed in providing a talented and highly trained professionals team as well as all the knowledge and intellectual capacity. The NPTEC performance is measured by the magnitude of growth in the results that customers achieve.

Prof. Dr. Joaquim Celestino Júnior
NPTEC Executive coordinator

Prof. Dr. Marcial Porto Fernandez

NPTEC Administrative coordinator