Professional Resources

Intellectual capital is a fundamental tool for the research development. In this sense, NPTEC met in their professional laboratories with titles and expertise in various areas of information technology, researching and developing skills to meet the demands of the area. The team is listed below with the respective professional areas:

Prof. Dr. Joaquim Celestino Júnior
LARCES Lab. Coordinator – Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Mariela Inés Cortés
LAPAQ Lab. Coordinator – Engineering and Software Standards

Prof. Dr. Marcial Porto Fernandez
LASID Lab. Coordinator – Computer Networks and Microelectronics

Prof. Dr. Jorge Luíz de Castro e Silva
LADESC Lab. Coordinator – Network Performance Evaluation

Prof. PhDr. Thelmo Pontes de Araújo
LAMAC Lab. Coordinator – applied mathematics

Prof. PhD. Jefferson Teixeira de Souza
Engenharia de Software

Prof. Dr. André Ribeiro Cardoso
LARCES Lab. researcher – Computer network

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Augusto Lima de Campos
Computational Intelligence and Optimization.

Prof. Dr. Gerardo Valdísio Rodrigues Viana
LOGIN Lab. Coordinator – Operational Research and Optimization.

Prof. PhDr. André Luis Moura dos Santos
INSERT Lab. Coordinator – Information Seccurity